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Workforce 2.0 is driven exclusively by new technologies that enable Hybrid, Edge and VR powered employees. As companies begin to shift to these advanced workforce models, the complexity and challenges to unlock the productivity power increases significantly. Our Technology Services help companies implement the right technology and services to empower their Workforce 2.0. 


Our implementation services help your company realize the advantages of technology faster than ever before


We help identify the technologies and strategies that will bring the greatest value and transformation power to your company. 


The moment you deploy technology, it is already out of date. We keep that technology continuously updated, relevant and secure. 

“We can never fall short when it comes to recruiting, hiring, maintaining and growing our workforce. It is the employees who make our organization’s success a reality.”

Vern Dosch, Wired Differently Tweet


Understand the Goal

We meet with the appropriate teams, leaders and partners to ensure all goals are captured with metrics. Once goals are created we ensure everyone agrees and a timeline is created.

Implement with Excellence

Expert teams are created to focus on key areas of implementation to ensure success. We work with your employees to make sure the implementation is successful even providing training as needed.

Measure the Success

Near the conclusion of the implementation we begin reporting on the success of the work completed. That measuring continues through completion where we perform a deep dive success report.


Understand the Culture

With any technology changes it is critical to understand the culture of the workforce. What changes will be tolerated? What improvements deliver the greatest value with minimal effort? etc...

Strategize Improvements

Once we work with you to understand the workforce culture we can begin to strategize and workshop improvement ideas. For example, we look for time based improvements in processes.

Plan For Success

Once improvements are identified we create a plan for the team who will be implementing the targeted improvements. If we will be doing the work, this flows right into our implementation services.


Business Strategy

Innovation should be tied into a larger business strategy. What is it that the business needs to do or be in X years. That way innovation is driving business success and not being a negative disruption.

Develop Disruption

Innovation done well, should be a positive disruption to your company and industry. Your business needs to leverage technology do things better and faster in ways nobody has dreamed up yet.

Predict Impact

Before committing to large scale changes you need to ensure you can accurately predict the impact on your business. We utilize our advanced AI dashboards to help you predict what innovation will bring.

Your Questions, Our answers

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We offer new customers a free basic assessment of their current workforce to develop a clear roadmap on next steps and deliverables. 

Our goal is to deliver specific actionable value within 90 days of starting. Direct observational and feedback engagements typically last 45-60 days. Customers then convert to our AI and Analytics services which are offered as a cloud solution with a yearly subscription service. 

We offer three services:

  1. Observation and Feedback. This is direct engagement and observation of the business. 

  2. AI dashboards connected to metrics through APIs or local MM programs. 

  3. Advanced AI analytics that provide deep understanding and automatic company strategy recommendations. 

Costs depend on a number of factors and is tailored to the customized solution of the customer. We offer detailed quotes and low costs to get started to prove our value and ensure your confidence. 

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