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Having the best workforce means having the best tools to measure the success and challenges of your workforce. While others focus on core business or just parts of your workforce, we build 360 degree dashboards of your entire workforce. We don’t stop there, our advanced AI systems gives you real-time data, predictions and can even help reduce leadership requirements by 60%.

AI Powered Business Intelligence


Our Workforce 2.0 model powers the advanced dashboards used to provide you with real-time metrics. See how changes impact your workforce in minutes, not months,. 


We have developed advanced AI systems that will create accurate forecasting and even predict future metrics based on past data. So advanced you can replace 60% of your leadership with our AI systems. 

"For most of human history, the only instrument needed to induce employees to complete their duties energetically and adroitly was the whip. But the rules of employment had to be rewritten..."

Alain de Botton, The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work Tweet

Intelligent Dashboards

Real-Time Metrics

We use a combination of APIs, local programs and mobile application data to deliver real-time information to your Dashboards. That delivers up to the minute information that your teams can use to make well informed decisions.

Workforce 2.0 Model

Our dashboards are built and customized for your company designed around our Workforce 2.0 Model. That is our advanced model that defines the relationships between elements of your Workforce including what changes will impact certain areas.

360 Degree View

Instead of looking at individual metrics we have developed advanced relationship between areas of your Workforce. Combined with real-time information, you can see productivity and predict cash flow with a high degree of confidence.

Unbiased Metrics

Surveys and hand picked metrics can be biased, especially when unfavorable data is ignored. Surveys are especially challenging to get honest feedback from employees. Our APIs and local applications pull real unbioased data that cannot be ignored.

Advanced AI Analytics

Prediction Analysis

After just 90 days on the Measured Mind service our dashboards can begin generating predictions for key areas of your Workforce. Predictions will change in real-time based on new information and details.

Leadership Augmentation

As the Measured Mind system learns more about your company it can be used to augment and reduce leadership roles. Fewer leaders are needed to ensure the productivity of employees as the dashboards invite them to where they are most effective.

Automated Planning

You can take the Measured Mind system into planning mode. There you can adjust the levers and dials to create what-if scenarios. Know with a high degree of certainty how changes will impact your workforce.

Risk Avoidance

Take Business Continuity Planning to the next level. Run what-if scenarios that include the loss of key personnel, sites or even services. The Measured Mind service can even step in and handle leadership roles or give you guidance on what to do.

Your Questions, Our answers

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We offer new customers a free basic assessment of their current workforce to develop a clear roadmap on next steps and deliverables. 

Our goal is to deliver specific actionable value within 90 days of starting. Direct observational and feedback engagements typically last 45-60 days. Customers then convert to our AI and Analytics services which are offered as a cloud solution with a yearly subscription service. 

We offer three services:

  1. Observation and Feedback. This is direct engagement and observation of the business. 

  2. AI dashboards connected to metrics through APIs or local MM programs. 

  3. Advanced AI analytics that provide deep understanding and automatic company strategy recommendations. 

Costs depend on a number of factors and is tailored to the customized solution of the customer. We offer detailed quotes and low costs to get started to prove our value and ensure your confidence. 

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Workforce 2.0 and Beyond

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