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We empower companies to optimize their workforce developing happier more productive employees with 60% fewer leaders at all levels. By utilizing advanced dashboard technologies combined with industry leading AI technologies our Consulting Services are driving the growth of Workforce 2.0


Our team will deploy passive and interactive collection technologies to evaluate where you workforce is at. This will feed into dynamic dashboard to measure 12 KPIs of your business and workforce.


Working with senior leadership, together the team will develop key findings and understandings based off the BI dashboards. You will understand areas of opportunity and why they exist.


Our team will design a 12-24-36 plan to optimize and enhance your workforce to meet near and future challenges. Our strategy document will provide step-by-step actions for senior leadership to take.


Our implementation teams can help execute any part of the strategy plan. Or we can partner with your leaders to help guide them. Accelerate your journey with our Decision Science Services

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Measuring Meaningful Metrics

The core of any business are the employees. Long term success is built upon a healthy engaged and positive teams. It is those teams that build amazing cultures and places to work. Knowing the right metrics to measure to develop and retain amazing talent is key to success. Our teams help your teams identify the essential metrics through two key paths. 

  1. Direct Observation & Feedback. 
    We combine observation of critical areas with engagement of leadership and direct employee surveys. That creates a complete understanding of how employees report they are doing with how they are actually doing. In turn that also creates variances and a measure of trust, honesty and transparency within the company culture. This creates a strong foundation from which we can validate and build from. 

  2. Integrated Services Feedback
    We offer a deeper and less intrusive means to measure critical metrics. This method comes in two versions that can be implemented together or separately. The first uses APIs to connect to qualifying services. The second requires a local application installation. Both methods allow the Measured Mind system to collect real-time metrics related to employees and Workforce 2.0. Those metrics are fed automatically into Dashboards for real-time analytics and decision making. 

Metrics by themselves are only a fraction of the total outlook on company performance. It is critical that metrics help tell the complete story that drives business strategy, goals and actions. Remember, employees are a company’s single greatest asset and the driver of business value. By focusing on the complete employee story, companies can drive the greatest value from products, services and share value.

Our AI driven, real-time dashboards takes meaningful metrics and creates complete stories around employee performance and business value. Advanced AI algorithms analyze hundreds of individual metrics to provide the most advanced dashboards that drive specific action. 

Imagine knowing immediately if;

  • Your employee base is overworked due to a disruption in the environment or industry.
  • A new leadership change at any level has a positive or negative impact on culture. 
  • If a shift in the workforce, like hybrid work, is having a positive or negative impact on innovation. 

Our advanced AI analytics can develop specific dashboards to ensure business leaders have direct and unbiased real-time information on company performance. 

Understand Before Action

Strategize To Empower Success

The hardest part of business strategy is predicting the future. Small companies have a strategic advantage due to their ability to change direction rapidly. They are the speedboats where larger companies are the mammoth transport ships. Small companies can effectively gauge employee performance, engagement, happiness and more in hours or days. Large companies struggle to effectively gauge the same metrics in years. By the time they do, the data is out of date and strategies are based on that old data or the decision made to forgo employee strategies all together. 

After just 90 days on the Measured Mind platform, our advanced AI systems can begin creating prediction analytics. What-If scenarios become possible and open a whole new landscape of strategy. Business leaders can no create strategic prediction scenarios with a 98% accuracy level up to 3 years out in the presence of no major disruption. Even better, within 1 year of being on the Measured Mind platform the advanced AI systems can predict major disruption impacts that you need to strategize for.

Our customers don’t guess at the future, they get their business ready for the future. 

Implementing technology, strategy, leadership and organizational changes can be difficult. Our AI dashboards usually uncover hundreds of enhancement opportunities. Many of the opportunities require leadership changes which can make it difficult to implement. For example, many of our customers are able to effectively reduce leadership numbers by 60%. That type of change requires an outside partner to help implement. 

Whether it is working with  your internal teams or taking on sole ownership of the project’s success we are here to assist. Our award winning teams can take on any challenge and accelerate your success to achieve business value even faster than you expected. 

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Your Questions, Our answers

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We offer new customers a free basic assessment of their current workforce to develop a clear roadmap on next steps and deliverables. 

Our goal is to deliver specific actionable value within 90 days of starting. Direct observational and feedback engagements typically last 45-60 days. Customers then convert to our AI and Analytics services which are offered as a cloud solution with a yearly subscription service. 

We offer three services:

  1. Observation and Feedback. This is direct engagement and observation of the business. 

  2. AI dashboards connected to metrics through APIs or local MM programs. 

  3. Advanced AI analytics that provide deep understanding and automatic company strategy recommendations. 

Costs depend on a number of factors and is tailored to the customized solution of the customer. We offer detailed quotes and low costs to get started to prove our value and ensure your confidence. 

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