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We built the company upon the idea that great workforces build great companies. Every company that has succeeded has done so through having a focus on their employees and treating them well. We bring our decades of experiences to help companies of all sizes and ages become the greatest companies they can be. 

Practice Makes Perfect

Our Story
Our Purpose.

Technology Leaders

The founders of Measured Mind spent decades leading some the fastest growing and successful companies. They focused on building people, then processes. Technology was leveraged to ignite both and unleash their true potential. 

A Technology Company

Measured Mind started as a technology consulting company. After helping companies implement the best technology, we realized that the future success stories will be around Workforce 2.0 and those companies that can adopt it. 

A People Company

Measured Mind was born from Technology and today serves to meld that technology to create the most productive workforces of the future. Workforce 2.0 will be AR, VR, Hybrid, Edge and working models we haven’t thought of yet. 

Doing Good is everything

Our Values.


Change the World

We strive to change the world. To be a company that pushes, pulls and supports the positive change in the world.


Positive Impact

Always promote positive impacts to the world, businesses, people, processes and technologies. 


Promote Diversity

We recognize that diversity makes things stronger. We promote diversity and encourage the world to follow. 

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Workforce 2.0 and Beyond

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