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Welcome to a new age of workforce management and employee engagement. Workforce 2.0 is here giving employees more freedom than ever to work where and when they want. 

We help businesses embrace Workforce 2.0 and empower employees to be more productive, happy and engaged. Our results deliver more productivity, profits and long-term successes for your business. 

Empowering your Success

Implementing Workforce 2.0

The new workforce demands new standards and flexibility. This means new ways of managing, measuring and strategizing for your business. The old ways of employee engagement and management won’t work. You need to pivot to realize and embrace new possibilities. 

Transitioning from Workforce 1.0 to 2.0

We’ve got you covered

From analyzing your current workforce strategy to implementing and optimizing your new Workforce 2.0. We can retool and  modernize your business for the future. 


Our services centered on workforce optimization and operational excellence. We deploy our specialized tools and strategies to measure your current workforce performance. From there we create a detailed action plan to implement, optimize and maintain a successful Workforce 2.0 environment.


Our services that help businesses implement technology, platform, and policy changes in support of Workforce transitions or optimizations. We have the expert teams to augment on-premises resources or step in and provide full turn-key solutions from start to finish.


Our services providing advanced analytics and intelligence in the form of real-time dashboards. Measure and predict the health, performance, and future success of your workforce. Utilize or AI automation services to implement near real-time action to maintain business excellence.

Workforce 2.0 Advantages

Empower every Employee with Workforce 2.0


Platforms & Technologies

Implement and enhance technologies that empower employees to be their most productive anywhere.

Selecting the best platforms and technologies for your business empowers your employees to achieve their best. Allowing them to work, engage, and collaborate using the technologies and environments ensures your employees remain happy and retained for years to come.

Utilize our services to develop actionable plans to optimize your workforce to be ready for Workforce 2.0. Engage our delivery services to implement those plans and transition your business to Workforce 2.0.


Cultures of Innovation

Develop and enhance internal engines that drive impactful innovation to propel your business forward.

Innovation is the direct result of happy engaged employees, meaningful collaboration, and effective leadership. Innovation is a science with a specific formula for success. It starts with ensuring your employees are and stay happy and balanced.

By implementing a successful Workforce 2.0 you can reliable achieve employee happiness. Utilizing our implementation and optimization plans ensures your Workforce 2.0 success.


Analytics & AI

Measuring and maintaining Workforce 2.0 KPIs and metrics is the key to long-term success.

The biggest challenge facing companies is not how to implement Workforce 2.0 but how to maintain the value from it. Poor implementations can quickly lead to lost productivity and employee morale. KPIs, metrics and even leaders are key to long-term successes.

Our services utilize analytics, intelligence and automation to measure the health, performance and current success of your business. We help predict future challenges and course correct as needed.

“Workforce 2.0 won't stop at working from home. It will develop into new exciting areas like the Metaverse. This is just the beginning of new seismic shifts with how people and Businesses will work”

Welcome to the Future

By focusing on the employee experience businesses can achieve year over year profit growth. People drive the technology, systems and processes that make businesses successful. Workforce 2.0 represents a new focus on the employee experiences to empower them with the technology and environments that make them the most productive.  

Increase Profits

Achieve Business Excellence

In the face of global Pandemics traditional Workforce systems (1.0) fail. Businesses struggle to maintain production levels and collaboration collapses. Disruption events will continue to challenge businesses in the future. Workforce 2.0 confronts those challenges and implements robust structures to mitigate almost any type of external risk event. Our Data Science services mitigate almost any type of internal risk event. 

Mitigate Risks & Disruptions

Artificial Intelligence is the newest frontier in helping business predict future performance. Advanced data science and modeling help run scenarios to predict the impact of  changes to the business. Workforce 2.0 represents an opportunity to implement platforms that empower Analytics and AI. Utilize our Data Science services to implement intelligent dashboards that show current performance, challenges and provide suggested business changes to remain successful. 

Predict Future Performance

Your Questions, Answered

Explore our services to learn more about how we can assist your business. Contact us for more information including a free quote and beginning Workforce 2.0 action plan. 


It is a decentralization of the employee experience. Allowing them to use the technology that best suits their work patterns wherever they want to work. Workforce 2.0 leads directly into full-time remote workforces and implementations of Virtual Reality including Metaverse environment. That is all wrapped within intelligent dashboards that measure performance.

Workforce 2.0 is more than working from home. although that is a large part. You need to ensure you have the right technology and platforms to keep your employees productive. You need to ensure your leaders are engaged and providing the right leadership to decentralized employee experiences.

Our services can implement and optimize your workforce strategy. Our Data Science services implement intelligent dashboards so that you can measure all aspects of your workforce to ensure current and future success. 

The Metaverse will become a new platform that employees will use to access, engage and collaborate. Think of it in terms of the impact the Internet had on business. The internet opened up numerous new channels, technologies, services, etc. that empowered business success. While the Metaverse is just beginning, its impact on the future of business will be tremendous. Those businesses that position themselves to quickly take advantage of the Metaverse Workforce will be years ahead of others. 

We understand that even defining what Workforce 2.0 for many businesses is a huge challenge. Identifying where to begin is a big challenge. For businesses without a clear direction, we provide free initial consulting services to help define value, direction and potential action plans. The next steps depends on the state of your current Workforce. 

Once we determine and define future success we will either help to optimize your current Workforce or begin implementation of a Workforce 2.0 strategy.

For companies that are further along we provide Data Science services that implement BI, AI and Intelligent Dashboards to measure workforce performance. 

Our Data Science services implements BI through Analytics and AI through advanced metrics & algorithms to create actionable dashboards, which we call Intelligent Dashboards. Instead of just presenting information in relation to your Workforce, our Dashboards Identify good vs bad, suggests actions as needed and can even fill in for leadership levels. The more the AI systems learn about your business the more capable they become. 

AI or Artificial Intelligence is the future to business success. Unfortunately, people tend to have biases when creating or even reviewing data. Also, it is extremely difficult for people to correlate data patterns across the business. People tend to silo information to make it easier to process it. Our AI and Data Science services takes dozens or even hundreds of streams of information to make intelligent decisions for leaders. Our AI is so advanced it is a risk mitigation tool in the event of losing a CEO. It can perform CEO level activities for a short period of time while another CEO can be selected and to help quickly onboard the new CEO. 

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